Jason Lowetz

Owner / Rock Star


It all started in a garage. From unassuming beginnings, Ec has grown into Traverse City's premiere bike shop through hard work, great service and a lot of great bike rides. Jason "Boss Man" Lowetz is in charge of the whole show, when he isn't spending time with co-owner (and the real boss) Kristie, and his two children. Boss Man is always up for a ride, fast or slow, near or far. 

Dan Curnayn

Service Manager /
Apocalypse Survival Expert


Formerly of Ann Arbor, Dan loves hot sauces, singlespeeds, and fat bikes.  Every few hundred years, there comes a bike mechanic like Dan.  When it comes to bikes, if Dan doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist. If he can't fix it, it can't be fixed.  If he recommends something, you should heed his advice.  

Dustin Collingridge

Mechanic / Sales / Hockey Pro


Dustin's name starts with the letter D, just as does Dan's.  He also happens to be from Ann Arbor, just like Dan.  But, Dustin masterfully shreds ice whilst slappin' a hockey puck around with a hockey stick—Dan does not.  Dustin does not like being compared to Dan, but Dan has been here longer, so that's just how it goes. It's notable that Dustin is a seasoned bike mechanic and lover of bikes, hence why we employ him and allow him in our circle of trust.